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# Posted: 2 Apr 2014 01:34

Server Reset. (Upgraded to version 0.18)

Come and join in the carnage!!


Next Reset In 2 months time.

Change Log:
[code]CHANGE> Various code changes with the view of removing adodb
CHANGE> updated and modified the cookies to be more secure
FIX> Fixed bug with new federation IGB fee's
CHANGE> rewritten part warp edit code (Consolidated 3 scripts to one script)
FIX> fix text error on devices.php
FIX> fixed xenobes spamming security logs with over 4000 entries each per day each!
FIX> fixed planet report build and edit not displaying for correct types
NEW> added in new news items
NEW> added in new planet facilities
CHANGE> implement a facebook registration system, for more secure registration process not relying on emails! (will swap for my own system in the future...)
CHANGE> changed back end to rely on user ID over username.
NEW> Planets now have a random change of being hit by bank robbers if the credits go over 10 Quadrillian (can be modified in config)!
FIX> ability to log into anyones account without a password
FIX> scanning planet didnt show ship stats
FIX> attacking a planet stats was not showing
FIX> attacking other ships works again
FIX> log working again. (was relying on username not account id)
CHANGE> To improve security, all user ids are now randomly assigned unique ID. (stops scripts which rely on detecting users accounts the easy way i.e. searching 1,2,3,4,5 etc.)
FIX> Facilities now generating resources. (first facility generates an addition bonus)
CHANGE> Multiple ships owned by single player now supported in the code
FIX> Conflicting links redirecting to wrong pages[/code]

Known Issues:
[code]> Scanning planets not showing in logs
> when you die you dont get resurrected. (replacing with new system anyway....)
> bounty in logs showing incorrect money number
> sofa doesnt seem to be working.... (unconfirmed)
> hack ship not working.
> various facilities abilities disabled
> unable to "influence" senators
> creating universe doesnt create admin account correctly
> research points not working
> ship kills not showing correctly.
> attacking ships on planet uses old attack code (need to finish consolidating the code)
> points not accumulating
> empire stats not displayed to end user. (beta feature coming in 0.017)
> failed login page still shows user handle and ship name on password error. (Keep it as feature?)
> FACEBOOK BUG -> If a user enters a password which isnt valid, the facebook check fails without a warning to the user. https://developers.facebook.com/x/bugs/71307432540 0184/ status is set to Wont Fix. What a pain!?!?![/code]


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