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# Posted: 2 Feb 2015 16:20

For those that check the forums and not the updates board... do you really exist or a myth Tanya uses to make sure we check this place?

Anyway, following the last Gaming Night we are doing Sith Saturday on 7th February, Star Wars: The Old Republic (f2p), we will be on the Jedi Covenant (US-East Coast) server and as the name suggests, Sith!

The event will run all day so sometimes it may be empty but others people will be around, the idea is regardless of timezone you can get involved, join the OTF guild and work together where possible. This is just the first Sith Saturday, in the future we may have high level characters and be able to take on some end game content - it all takes time, effort and killing things with futuristic weapons that glow & make whooshing sounds!

You know you want to join us!

# Posted: 6 Feb 2015 03:09

I've joined, I'm a Sith Inquisitor called Wulfrida, and level 8. Hopefully will make it out of the nursery in time for Saturday.

Are you a Sith there, Ice?

# Posted: 7 Feb 2015 13:18

I'm aiming to be on 6pm (otf time) onwards, I think my character is OTF-Ice but can't remember lol.

Hope to see ya on

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