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# Posted: 7 Nov 2011 07:44 · Edited by: carnaha

Overall, which one would be better to get if all I want to play is racing games. The controller, system, games both exclusive and multi-platform. I DO NOT care about multiplayer xk3y e3 flash x360key .

# Posted: 28 Dec 2011 04:06

Well at the end of the day it comes down to a few facts.

Its all to do with preference while the 360 has a slightly more better graphics it also has had consistent bugs while I myself used to play the 360 and i enjoyed it but after 2 consoles breaking down i was fed up and went to the PS3 4 years on its still working like a trooper.

On the Flip side PS3 only has a limited amount of games and has poorer running Not to mention the PSN is a little annoying but it lasts and thats its main pull for me.

So you have to decied possible breaking but more games and graphics or less games and Graphics but longer lasting system.

# Posted: 28 Dec 2011 20:51

You'll notice very few difference between the 360 and the PS3, except with platform exclusive titles, as most games are designed from the ground up to be almost identical on each platform. You'll also find that with the new 360 slim, stability and reliability are no longer an issue. Indeed, the PS3 has its own fair share of problems.

What it comes down to is budget, availability of your chosen game per platform, and whether or not you want/need a Blu Ray player.

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