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# Posted: 29 Aug 2003 18:06

I was in the Fantasy Affilation (Alder Hill) and i was wondering when will those who wish to remain be switched to there Desired Affilation, and if its going on now, who do we contact to get switched?

# Posted: 29 Aug 2003 19:13


I'm guessing you contact the SC for the genre you want to join.

Fantasy genre will probably stay for when the LotR chat opens...

*really has no idea*

# Posted: 30 Aug 2003 03:50

I'm not very well informed about this but I think the idea is that those in the fantasy genre will stay in the fantasy genre for the LOTR room which should be opening soon.

If you think you might want to be still be affiliated with a LOTR room I think you should keep your current affiliation till the room opens and you can see what its like.  Then if you don't like it opt to change affiliation again.

If on the other hand you're fantasy because and only because of Alder Hill itself then contact the sector commander of which ever affiliation you wish to change to  - ie JJ for star trek or Glenn for star wars.

I hope this makes sense :D


# Posted: 30 Aug 2003 06:39

It does, thanks *L* :)

# Posted: 31 Aug 2003 18:51

Not to burst your bubble.

Two months ago, I, Leeta and Zilette - I know, we Ya Ya Dragon Sisters do every together *giggles*- anyways we had decided to change affiliation (still hoping for a global affiliation neither ST, SW or Fantasy some day *laughs*) found out that EC decided to put an inside freeze on affiliation changes, due to the AH changes and LOTR coming.

Unless of course you were registering as a newbie, the system allowed you to still choose any affiliation. (oopsie... the EC forgot to fix that bugger *laughing*)

So at this time I assume it is still in place.

But the surprising thing to learn is that, just because request for switching affiliation, doesn't necessarily mean you get it.

According to Andrew's email to me, we submit our request to the SC (as a courtesy) and "If the SC has no problem with it" then you can change over.

So don't get too upset if you can't change over right away. *grins*

I wish you luck in changing over.

Zannie :)

# Posted: 13 Mar 2020 02:47

Sorry if this has been asked before and it's been a while since I've been here, but is there a link or page where we can request to change affiliations?

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