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# Posted: 13 Jan 2007 05:57

You want to take part in Team Trivias but don't have a partner yet?
You are not alone!

At the start of nearly every Team Trivia there are some people looking for a partner, often missing each other by a few seconds. Now, this thread is created to help the partnerless people to find each other, and not only right before or even after the Trivia starts!
Remember that once you are in a team you can play even if your partner isn't there - you just can't get the titles.

So how does it work? Easy!

Just post here that you are looking for a partner and some additional information:

  • Your normal handle (your username being displayed)

  • A way for possible partners to reach you, usually email-address. You need the partner's permission to create a team with him/her and finding a team-name both like is easier this way too.

    Recommended also:
  • Your favorite topics: wide-spread knowledge within the team is an advantage.

    Once you have found a partner you can register here!

    Note: You only may be in one Team, so don't post here if you already are!
    Also it might be good to edit your post if you have found a partner already so you don't get contacted again.

    To check if someone is in a Team already view the Nova Scoreboards!

    CL6 Soka
    Nova DL

    PS: This is merely an additional possibility to the old way ... going to the chatroom in which currently people are a bit earlier and in-chat ask if someone still needs a partner.

  • cmdr_worf
    # Posted: 13 Jan 2007 11:49

    Erm, I thought I was in a team with Bocky (we signed up during a team trivia in December), but according to that Nova Scoreboard, we are not, so I'm open to offers!
    I am knowledgable about all Trek other than Enterprise. My strong trivia points are history and science. So ideally you'd be a Star Wars or fantasy fan.
    Thanks for reading.
    P.S. My email address is in my profile, but don't add it to those annoying mailing lists for viagra :o !
    Worf Son Of Mogh :)

    # Posted: 13 Jan 2007 12:16

    Yes, that's right.

    As you can see in the 2006 overallwinners update and more Nova-related, this update all scoresboards got cleared at the end of the year.

    For Nova-Teams that means they all got deleted too, giving everyone a chance for a fresh start with an old or new partner.

    You had bad luck because you registered in December, if you register now it'll stay for a whole year.


    # Posted: 15 Jan 2007 11:23

    Seriously, does anyone want to partner me for the team trivia's?
    E-mail me  :)

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