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# Posted: 14 Jan 2007 09:24


Most of you, if not all of you, know me. I joined OTF in September 1999. I have made friends here, found love here, have had bad times but many, many more good times. I've had periods away for various reasons, but I keep coming back and now my involvement level is higher than at any point since I resigned from the EC.

Why do I keep coming back? Cos of you lot, basically! Old friends, new friends, the atmosphere, the creativity, the camaraderie. I have seen OTF members do extraordinary things for one another and I never cease to be amazed at what our little community is capable of.

This is our Tenth anniversary year. It's special . . . as you can see from Andrew's thread, we are already going to try to bring back as many 'old faces' as possible. I'm sure there will be lots of other ways for us to celebrate this landmark - ten years!!! - but one very good way, in my opinion, would be for us to help Andrew with the server costs.

I've never had an OTF web account but I'm getting one at the end of the month. The basic OTF account starts at $50 canadian, which is about 25. It's not a lot . . . and if it helps maintain OTF for another year isn't it money well spent?

I appreciate that many of us don't have a lot of cash but if you can afford it I would seriosuly consider the OTF account. It is good value for money, for one thing!

Thanks for bothering to read this.


p.s. the link to the page concerning member accounts is


# Posted: 14 Jan 2007 20:05


I also joined OTF back in October of 2000, I to have made friends, Babel here included.  I would tend to agree with Babel here about helping out Andrew with the costs of keeping this 10 year landmark continuing for another 10 or so years.

Our community has developed immensely since its first day back in 1997, and our community has grown from 2 right up to 17131 (current date of post), and keeps growing every day with new and future success'.

Having won my OTF web account 2 years ago through a web account contest, I renewed it and gave it another year to see how it would be.  I also plan on renewing my account to help keep this community a landmark for all to see for future generations when my renewal date comes up.

The cost does not out weight the benefits that you get, 50mb's of server space to place your avatars, digital images, even smilies or random stuff.  


# Posted: 17 Jan 2007 23:33


# Posted: 18 Jan 2007 00:14


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