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# Posted: 16 Jan 2007 09:23

SCI FI Channel has added two movies to its 2007 production slate, including one starring Highlander's Adrian Paul, and given the green light to another three for development as part of the new Saturday-night programming block called "SCI FI Saturday: The Most Dangerous Night of Television."

The following films are scheduled to premiere in 2007:

The Lost Colony, starring Paul, about the age-old mystery surrounding the lost colony of Roanoke

Dierna note: I read the plot of this film...I'll watch it cuz Adrian Paul is hot...but that's about it. The plot is stupid.... Oh no!! Evil Wraiths and the only one who can stop em is Ananaias Dare (Adrian Paul)! :P


King Arthur & The Order of the Dragon, written by Tim Cox and Brook Durham (Mammoth) and chronicling the quest for the Holy Grail.

Dierna note: This had better be a good film....at least it's gotta be way better than that sequel to Merlin...ugh

The following films have been green-lighted for development:

Riddle of the Sphinx, about an astronomer and a cryptographer who unwittingly unleash a deadly Sphinx

Dierna note: The answer to the riddle is man!

Sherlock Holmes & the Banshee, which follows the famous detective as he investigates a wailing, soul-sucking ghost that turns out to be a banshee

Dierna note: And Sherlock Holmes will defeat the Banshee after smoking some pot... :P

Odysseus & the Isle of Mists, a mythical melee in which Odysseus and his men battle Persephone and her deadly vampire beasts.

Diernanote: Odysseus vs Vampires?! WTF?! :v


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