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# Posted: 22 Jan 2007 16:13

India A Step Closer To Putting A Man In Space!

An Indian rocket carrying a 550 kilogram (1,210 pound) Space Capsule Recovery Experiment, or SRE-1, designed to test re-entry technology that could be used in a future manned space mission, takes off from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre at Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh, around 90 kilometers (56 miles) north of Chennai, India, Wednesday, Jan. 10, 2007 (Local Time).

The Indian space capsule splashed down in the Bay of Bengal on Monday, giving engineers a chance to test technology needed to return astronauts to Earth.

The capsule orbited earth for 11 days before re-entering the atmosphere.

The 550-kilogram (1,210-pound) Space-Capsule Recovery Experiment was intended to test the organization's ability to track and recover a returning space capsule.

India's Space Capsule Recovery Experiment-1 (SRE-1) is seen here as it is prepared for a Jan. 10, 2007 launch (Local Time).

# Posted: 23 Jan 2007 04:48

Although I am extremely 'Pro' space exploration, I am aware of how expensive it currently is. I have to wonder whether the millions of people living in India's slums would have been better served by this money being spent on social reforms and poverty reduction programs.

# Posted: 23 Jan 2007 14:09

*L* I've been sat here waiting for somebody to post that post!

It did cross my mind too. But, i suppose There is money to be made in space science, research, launching satellites, even space tourism. Why shouldnt India grab a share of it. They probably need it alot more than Europe, or the USA.

many people forget just how badly off Russia are, but because they are a traditional space power nobody finds it odd.

It may be a long term view they've taken, but perhaps India are positioning themselves to be able to help their people far more when they are in a dominant position within the space faring community. An extremely profitable business, if approached the right way. How are these poorer nations to change if they do not attempt to change their curcumstances?

Also, who knows, maybe those backing this program have no interest in helping the poor of India. For all we know if this stopped they would not be helped in return in any way.

It was critisism of over spending on Moon missions, while U.S citizens lived on the poverty line which put a stop to NASA's exploration of space with humans in the early 1970's. Many said it was ridiculous that NASA where spending billions on a manned space program, just to send men to the Moon again and again. So the flights stopped. However, i don't think i'm sticking my neck out here when i say not one poor person was better off in the USA due to the Apollo program being cancelled.

So, long term, the advancement of an already successful Indian Space program, along side other high tech industry. Could in part help put in place social reforms and poverty reduction programs. I feel the nation of India should be proud that they may have taken steps to elevate themselves on the worlds stage, and hopefully change the fortune's of their people.

Many Indian scientists, doctors, scholars, and other citizen's work all over the globe. Lining the pockets of other nations. I'm pleased to see some may be able to work towards their own countries development in these fields.

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