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# Posted: 8 Apr 2007 11:45

In the past week I saw 300, which I had originally thought was one of the bloodiest, goriest movies I have ever seen.  Then yesterday, I went and saw Grindhouse, which was absolutely horrifyingly gory.

It made me wonder, what is the most gory movie you have ever seen?  Did it still have a plot or was it just useless blood and guts?

# Posted: 16 Apr 2007 04:52

This is a really interesting question... funnily enough, when I first read it, I couldn't think for the life of me /what/ was the most gory film i've ever seen. It took me a three hour conversation with a couple of mates before we could even think of films. Each of us wracked our brains and really struggled to think of /gory/ films - not that there weren't gory films we hadn't seen, but we couldn't think of what they were. Most off, one of my friends had a hastle in the separation of gore and shock - she found that often things that were gory didn't shock her, but things that were shocking were mental anguish etc.

Anyways, we came up with the Passion at the end. AND I - I have had this argument with many people - believe the gore was entirely unnecessary and offered nothing new to the story and essentially was there to be shocking and in your face and horrid horribleness. There really is two hours of my life I would like back.

I've heard apocolypto is worse... Mel Gibson should just stop.

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