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# Posted: 11 May 2007 09:34

Anyone else got this game?

I find it funny lmfao.

My Rig:-

QX6700 @ 3.6GHZ
4GB Cossair XMS2 Memory
2x BFG 8800GTX OC2 Sli
Windows XP

All Settings On Max/Extreme
Min FPS= 46FPS
Max FPS = 143FPS

Love the game, though it is a fustrating game >.<
Anyone else finding bugs here there and everywhere? lmfao
Like i killed a guy, he flew halfway through a wall, and his gun was still firing, i came back half an hour later to the same stop (just passing through) and he was still firing lmfao.

Though other, save game bugs are irritating... killed a load of guys, saved the game, came back into game loaded up saved game, and the guys where back GRR and i hadnt any ammo for my weapons... so I had to run... LITERALLY!! Lost all medical kits but i survived lmao!

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