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# Posted: 15 May 2007 19:47

Well, it was a hard choice between Hobbie and Lee but in the end I am grateful I went with Lee. :P Welcome onboard Lee! *hugs* And yes, it is now open season to spam our new ST DSC with questions, complaints and poems about Spring... :P

Oh and for your amusement, or at least mine:
rom: Hobbie (CL4)

Reason for applying:
Chun told me to.

...Aside, from that, I don't know. I could tell you all sorts of cheesy
lines about me wanting to give up on SW, and my undying love to ST
(even though I don't know what ST technically is) but, the truth is, I
heard that there was free chocolate to be had over there, and I simply
can't resist free chocolate. =(

Why suitable candidate:
Well, I'm already Chun's servant in all but name. Or official name, at
least. So I figure I'd just be doing the same thing as before, but with
the shiny title that goes with it. And the chocolate. Anyway, the point
is, I already have experienced the tasks and can handle them.

In addition, I was a DSC for a while, so I know all about how to slack
and let the SC do the work, as well as how to abuse a DSC's access

I've successfully brought lamers into the CCC. I can do it again in TF.
I've learned a lot in my time in the EC about that, along with how to
be lazy and not seem lazy, so I figure I can be even more effective. I
guarantee noticeable results within a few weeks. In fact, I predict
that, if I were to get the position, MT would become the most popular
chatroom in OTF before the anniversary.

As for the rest of my abilities, I believe you already have a copy of
my last application, which is only a few months old. Not much has
changed since then, except that I'm more experienced now, and I've been
promoted to CL4. For those reasons, I believe I am suited to be the
Dedicated Sandwich Cook, or whatever DSC is supposed to stand for.


# Posted: 16 May 2007 11:40

Congrats Dmitri, even if you are a dork. At lesat your application didn't look like Hobbie's...

Seriously... I have to work with this man.

# Posted: 16 May 2007 12:30

Congratulations Lee on your step up to Deputy Sector Commander.
I wish you luck in your position where change can be enacted at this new level of experience.

# Posted: 16 May 2007 15:34

Thanks folks. And at least we are all in agreement, Ray is slightly odd,


# Posted: 17 May 2007 10:04

just slightly?

congrats lee :) May your knew powers be used to squash the minions of otf (except me of course i like being inflated)

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