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# Posted: 31 May 2007 05:58


Add the Teen Titans to the growing list of movies based on DC Comics that are in the works, this according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The trade reported today that Warner Bros. Pictures is looking to bring the popular DC property to the big screen, with Akiva Goldsman and Kerry Foster through producing through their Weed Road banner, and Mark (Superman/Batman, Battlestar Galactica) Verheiden attached to write the script.

While The Hollywood Reporter gives a brief rundown of the teamís history, makeup and statue at DC Comics, its report offered very little in the way of cast details, aside from saying that Nightwing is reportedly in the mix of heroes. Nightwing's inclusion - rather than Robin's - may be a telling sign of what's to come in the film, as projects that cross properties will face issues with character use, as "Robin" is attached to the Batman franchise, "Superboy" would likely be connected to the Superman franchise, "Wonder Girl" with the struggling Wonder Woman film project, and likely, "Kid Flash" with the Flash film, which is continually trying to find its feet. As such, various characters, while they may appear together in comics, may not be able to appear in the film version of their team, as different production companies hold the rights and control of the characters in film.

Of course, with the Titans, this may not be a huge issue, as Cyborg, Raven, Starfire, Jericho, Terra, and literally dozens of other characters (both from comics and the animated series) are not attached to other, larger franchises.

While the franchise has enjoyed a renewed popularity at DC, thanks to Geoff Johns' stories on the series, the Titans perhaps reached their largest audience when they starred in their own animated series on Cartoon Network which lasted for 65 episodes from 2003-2006. The heroes are slated to make a return to animation as part of DC/Warners' direct to DVD animated movie line in 2008 in an adaptation of "The Judas Contract" storyline. Long-time Titans comic writer Marv Wolfman is adapting that story for animation.

The announcement of the film version is the latest in what seems to be a trend of studios looking to move from single-hero superhero films to ďteam-basedĒ or multiple hero projects, as it has already been announced that film versions of DCís Justice League, the Doom Patrol, Watchmen, David Goyer's "SuperMax," and Marvelís Avengers are in various stages of planning or very early pre-production. Smallville led the way in this regard for DC, with various teen versions of its popular adult heroes appearing on the CW television series.

Additionally, the Teen Titans film is the latest comic book movie project announced for Goldsman and Weed Road, as he also is working on film versions of Doom Patrol and The Losers, as well as Tonight He Comes, starring Will Smith. Goldsman told THR that he intends for the film to be consistent in tone with Warnersí more recent comic book film projects such as Batman Begins, Superman Returns and Watchmen, which is important to comic book and genre fans, as Goldsman wrote both Batman Forever and Batman and Robin, with the Joel Schumacher-directed latter reviled in the eyes of many fans as the film that stopped Warner's Batman film franchise cold.

Jessica Goodman and Jesse Ehrman are overseeing for Warners, while Gregory Noveck is overseeing for DC Comics.

Dierna note: Im just worried that the person who wrote the worst Batman movie in history is directing this. lalalala Batman & Robin never happened...lalala.  Anyways. Now to sit and wonder who'll they'll cast for Teen Titans, Doom Patrol, Avengers, Super Max.....IMO Christina Ricci should play Raven. :D

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