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# Posted: 7 Jun 2012 09:26

George Lucas is so angry about the struggle to have his self-financed film 'Red Tails' distributed (he alleges the studios balked at the budget and all-black cast) that he's retreating from Hollywood for good.

Speaking to Empire, the 'Star Wars' creator and LucasFilm head honcho said:

"I'm moving away from the company, I'm moving away from all my businesses, I'm finishing all my obligations and I'm going to retire to my garage with my saw and hammer and build hobby movies.

"I've always wanted to make movies that were more experimental in nature, and not have to worry about them showing in movie theatres."

He also said that he has no plans to return to the 'Star Wars' franchise, adding:

"Why would I make any more, when everybody yells at you all the time and says what a terrible person you are?"

# Posted: 22 Jun 2012 21:46

Neil Hamburger: "That'sss MY LIFE!"

Cory Haim, Stand By Me:"Has anybody ever told you...That you are the worlds biggest pussy?"

Rodney Dangerfeild: "Let me tell ya; no resect! No respect at all! I tell ya..."

Abraham Lincoln: " If it was not for the honor of the damned thing, I would much rather walk!"

# Posted: 25 Jun 2012 23:42

Oops. Misquote; That was Cory Feldman's line in Stand By Me. Great scene. Too many 80s teens named Cory.

# Posted: 13 Jul 2012 08:52

George Lucas is the greatest screenwriter ever...he will be missed...

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