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# Posted: 5 Feb 2013 06:46

Your name: Darth_Dad

Favourite Colour: Red

Favourite Movie: All Star Wars Movies and Apollo 13

Favourite Food: Chili

Interesting Fact about yourself: I signed the petition for the United States to build a Death Star by the year 2016. I was very disappointed to hear that the current Administration does not support blowing up planets. http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/compost/wp/201 3/01/14/white-house-rejection-death-star-petition/

Your ideal date: Being rescued from carbon freeze and a giant worm by a hot woman in a metal bikini. Throwing Ewoks at Stormtroopers. Watching as my love interest passionately makes out with her brother. The usual stuff...

Why you?: Well...I'm just a very normal, down-to-earth guy.

# Posted: 5 Feb 2013 07:44

I bid a pan of cornbread to go with your favourite chili, hot out of the oven with a pat of butter on the side.

# Posted: 7 Feb 2013 14:58

I bid a female in bikini.

I am not sure I can make it a human female though..

# Posted: 8 Feb 2013 16:35

I bid all night conversations about your work and life. I bid awesome music. And, I bid a full accurate replica of the death star made out of snow by a bunch of engineering kids from Ga Tech.

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