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# Posted: 18 Feb 2015 23:35

Have you seen the Season 5 trailer yet?


What have you gleaned from seeing it? I've had to watch it a few times to establish what's going on, and still I wonder if all the clips are from the first episode or two.

Arya's storyline looks to be following the book, and the clips appear to just be episode 1.
Tyrion is looking for a man of some sort, with Varys. Who does he seek? Where is he?
Lady Olenna warns someone of danger, who is she warning?
Cersei's losing her mind over Tyrion, and there are rumours that she takes a particular walk this season.
We only get a glimpse of Jaime, what's he up to?
Where is Brienne?
Melisandre is lighting a funeral pyre, did someone die at the wall?
Where is Samwell Tarly?
Who are the wildlings attacking?
Where is Stannis?

And most importantly, what is going on with Sansa and Littlefinger? What's he teaching her, what are his plans for "Alayne"?

How about the rumour that the show runners are going to kill 4 characters this season, and shock book readers? Any suspicion who might be getting the axe?

I suspect it might be minor characters that we sort of love, and that all the primary storylines (Tyrion, Sansa, Arya, etc.) are safe.

Let me know what you think we'll see this season, and how you feel about the leaks so far.

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