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# Posted: 19 Mar 2013 17:21 · Edited by: tanneffel

Released March 16: 'The Beast', a bit longer than the 'War' trailer we saw a few weeks ago.

in this trailer we see:
The Unsullied with Daenerys
Tyrion looking dramatic
Beric Dondarrion lighting his sword at camp with Thoros of Myr
Jorah Mormont drawing his sword (indoors?)
Bran shooting an arrow
Osha with (Meera Reed?)
Prisoner-Jaime grinning with his sword
Brienne in armour
Robb frustrated "I win every battle, but I'm losing this war"
Catelyn looking dramatic with that Jeyne Westerling stand-in
Margaery drama-face
Arya in a sword fight
Arya yelling while Gendry holds her back
Hoster Tully's funeral
Tyrion "I bled in the mud for our family"
Stannis snuggling Melisandre
Tywin Lannister as Hand of the King
Varys telling (Olenna Tyrell?) that Joffrey (implied) "would see this country burn if he could be king of the ashes"
(Mance Rayder?) asking Jon Snow why he wants to join them, "to be free" he says
Ygritte looking sexy, bare shoulders (doesn't she know Winter is Coming?)
Hooded man (is this ADWD spoilers in S3 or a coincidence?)
White walker in the dark woods
Sandor Clegane swordfight
Daenerys on a ship with crazy-face
Dragon flying next to a ship

For non-book readers .. that's a lot going on. Is this all from Episode 1? Do YOU get what's happening? It feels like a lot of "your favourite characters come back and DRAMA" but not much is revealed.

From the trailer alone, what can you surmise?

My first complaint is WHERE'S SANSA?

# Posted: 25 Mar 2013 20:21

I doubt thats all episode one They have to save some for the rest of the season, don't they
And I think Tyrion is planning some kind of revenge.. Should be sweet.
Melisandre will probably pull Stannis further into her dark plans..
Someone Arya likes/loves is going to die,
Daenerys gets her army and sails for the Iron Throne = more war!
Jon will have to prove himself, through some rites or something
Aaaaand some TWD-zombie action from the white walkers

Enough to interest me.

Also, how could I forget,

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