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# Posted: 4 Apr 2013 17:33

So, for those of us not living under the proverbial rock, we all watched the Season 3 starter of Game of Thrones last Sunday, now we've had a few days to watch it at least 4 times (or is that just me?) we can all divulge in a little discussion about the latest episode. Within this thread we shall discuss all aspects of the new episode, and what we look forward to seeing...allow me to start?

Mance Rayder, in pretty much the first bit of real story telling in the new episode we meet Mance Rayder (and a giant). I really like Mance Rayder, just from the little bit we saw of him, I recall the press release of who would play him, looking him up and thinking 'wow..he just looks boring' but oh my, I love him

Ygritte, I still want to marry her so nothing has changed from season 2 with her

A lot of talking between Tyrion and Cersei, then Tyrion and Bronn (Bronn <3) that lead to my favourite line from the new episode 'How much?' 'Double' 'Double?..I don't even know how much I'm paying you know' '...which means you can afford it'

Davos Seaworth, looking all Castaway is rescued by Salladhor Saan who reluctantly returns him to Dragonstone so he can meet with Stanis and try to talk sense in to him, but as always Mellisandre got her way and Davos got taken away. I'm not a fan of Davos, nor Stannis..kind of a draggy story, but just my view!

TYRION AND TYWIN! - CAN'T CONTAIN MY LOVE OF THIS SCENE (removes caps) *achem*, yes, this scene was pure, pure beauty. The acting, the words, oh it was like poetry on screen. The chemistry between Dinklage and Dance is superb, I find myself feeling sympathy for both characters, something not felt for Tywin before, his legacy is all he has, and he wants to protect it, Tyrion wants what he is name to, and..oh it's heartbreaking. One of, if not my number one favourite scene of Game of Thrones to date.

Sansa - Apart from appearing to age 5 years not much happened in her scene, though it was setting us up for her story arc over the series, so we'll see where that goes

Margaery Tyrell - Visiting with the orphans was a nice touch, she seems like a nice character, be interesting to see how this rubs off on Joffrey

The dragons! The Dragons! Oh the Dragons!..The Dragons are back, and growing quick, and looking awesome, and also means one thing, where there's dragons, there is...

Daenerys! visiting the Unsullied and buying her army, all a bit of an interesting scene, the Unsullied were shown to be quite a force, and fearless. Daeny herself almost gets taken down by her mothering instincts and love for children again, but she was saved by..Ser Barristan Selmy! So, as someone who hasn't read the books, this was out of left field for me, I loved Barristan, and love him being back, can't wait for more of him!

So these were all the scenes from Valar Dholaeris episodes that stood out to me, but what about you? Let's hear what you liked, what you loathed, and what you're looking forward to

# Posted: 4 Apr 2013 18:39

In the books, the guy who saved Daenerys introduced himself as Arstan Whitebeard:
He didn't reveal who he was for most of the book. So that was also a surprise for me, too.

# Posted: 4 Apr 2013 18:41

also, where's Strong Belwas?

# Posted: 4 Apr 2013 23:51 · Edited by: tanneffel

I LOVED the Giant. So well done. His legs were like tree trunks. Though the best part was probably Ygritte's sexy voice trying to scare Jon.

Mance is supposed to look like that. He's supposed to be plain enough that nobody would take a second look. Hopefully no one does.

The Davos thing, I wonder if Davos is there mostly to show a side of Stannis's characer, and to give a view of Melisandre. That woman is trouble.

Tyrion and Tywin, that scene made me sad. It sets Tyrion and Tywin up for the coming season, that's for sure. In the book I didn't quite capture the sadness of the situation.

Sansa, where is Ser Dontos? Perhaps he isn't necessary. I'm curious to watch this storyline continue with Baelish instead. As with the Arstan Whitebeard thing, we didn't find out that Baelish was behind the plot to get Sansa out of town for some time.

Margaery is sly. There's something about her I just don't trust.

DeBoe, Indeed! Belwas better show up before book 5 is made into TV. And the Arstan thing, well, they couldn't hide it quite the way they can in the book, eh? We'd notice pretty quickly it was the same actor. See: Obi-Wan Kenobi

# Posted: 22 Jul 2013 20:06 · Edited by: learydp01

I remember Davos mentioning how Milisandre had not seen his plans against her in the flames, recently. That would signal that the witch is obviously false. I really like Davos' character. Some say he is dumb to respect a man to take his fingers, but still... given the situation, I really respect the man, Stannis' lacky or not.

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