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# Posted: 11 Apr 2013 17:42

Sophie Turner on Sansa Stark's Survival Skills

Sansa is one of the most hated characters in season 1 and 2. Sophie Turner explains in this article why Sansa made some of the decisions she did, and how they play more to her strength than her weakness.

A few quotes from the article:

In Season One, for example, she's put in a situation where she was asked to talk about Joffrey getting bitten by Nymeria, Arya's direwolf. People are always saying "Oh, that was your fault, blah blah blah," that [Sansa's own direwolf] Lady got killed [in retaliation]. But if she'd have defended Joffrey she would've sabotaged her own family, and if she defended Arya, then her future, which her parents planned for her, would be totally gone. So she went down the middle.

It's actually good for her that she's ended up in court, because none of the fighting is done physically. It's more done verbally, or behind people's backs. It's very much more subtle and a lot more secretive. If any of the other Starks or anyone else, for that matter was put in that same situation as Sansa, if they'd have fought back then, they would be dead right now. Sansa adapts to her environment very well.

I think the strong thing about Sansa is the fact that she doesn't fight. Fighting alone can be seen as a very strong thing to do, but the fact that she doesn't fight and she doesn't strike back is probably her best trait. Having to resist the urge to fight back which, you know, I'm sure she has is in itself one of the best things about her. In that sense, she's very strong, and she's very strong-willed, and she has willpower. That's very important in this world, because if someone had fought back they'd be dead. Because . . . Joffrey.

I find it interesting that we see Arya's feistiness as her strength, but it does get her into trouble. Sansa's strength is completely different, and I feel it works for her.

Does the article change your thoughts on Sansa at all? Does it explain why she made some 'bad' decisions?

# Posted: 11 Apr 2013 17:48

It doesn't change my thoughts about Sansa, because in general, what we look for in TV heroes, is what we don't have.
Sansa's qualities are qualities that I have (despite the looks, HAHA), so I look for physically and verbally stronger heroes...

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