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# Posted: 11 Dec 2008 22:45

Howdy OTFers! I thought up this idea at 5 am so if it's really bad, I blame Hobbie. I'm sure it is somehow his fault.

Anyway, here's the scoop. Here's a thread to post holiday stories in! OTFers can read your submissions and make comments and vote you for awards (anything you can think of - most creative, funniest, most well written, most holiday cheer, whatever). It can be Hanakah, Christmas, New Years, or whatever you celebrate this time of year!


Write a fictional holiday story about OTFer's!
Write a fictional holiday story about your favorite sci fi/fantasy series characters!
Write a parody of a famous holiday story (e.g. The Christmas Carol featuring OTF members or Star Trek, or whatever you get the idea).
Your story does not have to be ficitional, it can be even just a reader's digest version of some holiday event in your own life.

Post your entries here! Make sure they're not too long, also if you feature OTFers try not to be offensive toward someone. If you're not sure how they will take your story, run it by them before throwing it up here.

# Posted: 12 Dec 2008 07:46 · Edited by: rpmobsession

Omg. What fun.

So, this is a story about an evil child. All year long, she had been stubborn and stuck in her own ways at just 7 years old. She was terrible to her mother, causing family strife for the six months prior to Christmas. Running around the house as a demon child saying no to things she didn't want to do and blaming the world for her troubles. Her mother tried disciplining her, but to no avail. This little girl would not do her homework or chores or go to sleep when bedtime rolled around, but she didn't care because at 7 she basically ruled the world. Around July she started planning her Christmas wish list. She had the normal seven year old girl things, such as a pony, a life size barbie doll, and a few books among other random ridiculous things. She spent hours and days just flipping through every department store catalog she could get her hands on, marking which items were necessary to live. By October, her attitude had not improved towards her family, but she decided to show her family the lists and lists, claiming they need time to get the money together and the gifts that she wanted ordered. Her mother laughed her off when the completed and organized lists were creatively laying around the house in optimum position for her mother to find them. But, shortly after the lists were getting accidentally left out, when she would get into trouble, she no longer would get a spanking. Instead, her mother would say Santa Claus knows when she's being naughty and when she's being nice. Now, being the stubborn and very omniscient seven year old that she was known to be, was she frightened by the threat of Santa Claus? Hah. No, for in her infinite wisdom, she knew Santa Claus' secret identity was Mommy. So, she continued being the demon, power seeking, offensive, rude, and selfish child she knew to be because surely her mother would not take away Christmas from her. So, Christmas morning rolls around, and she checks her stocking first thing in the morning, expecting to see glorious mounds of candy and knick-knacks that would get lost after three minutes of play time due to lack of interest, but to her surprise, her stocking was flat. This was not normal for Christmas morning, so she quickly dumped out her stocking to find one single knick-knack in her stocking: a tin of coal. Finding the situation to be a cruel joke, she ran downstairs and straight to the one person that would know why: her mother. With coal tin in hand and a steaming attitude to boot, she huffed and puffed up to her mother and demanded to know what sick joke "Santa" was playing on her. Her mother appeared shocked and horrified and felt her pain over how lame Santa was being that year, but encouraged the child to go see if there was anything under the tree. So, the girl excitedly ran to the tree just knowing that surely "Santa" wouldn't be cruel enough to give her nothing. That's impossible. She spent hours organizing lists and plotting them in very specific places for months. Walking up to the tree, she saw tons and tons and tons of presents, and she eagerly ripped into the beautifully organized pile searching for presents with her name. She saw presents for Grandma, Grandpa, her brother, her mother, and her cousin marked from Santa, Grammy & Grandpa, and Mommy, and finally she got to presents with her name on them. There seemed to be quite a lot of the pile left, so she was sure all the rest were hers since there had been so many with other peoples' names on it, but she only found four presents in the entire pile marked to her, and they were only signed from Grammy & Grandpa. Disappointed and hurt, she went crying back to her mother about how sorry she was for her actions and how she didn't mean to make Santa angry and that she only wanted to ask forgiveness of Santa and see if he could make an over-nighted rush delivery for her. But, her mother shook her said and told the girl, "Santa doesn't do things on naughty little girl's time just because they finally realize they are wrong." And, the girl ended Christmas day with only a tin of coal, and a few books and socks from her Grandparents.

And, let me tell you. Lesson freaking learned. Lesson learned. I've never gotten coal for Christmas since.

# Posted: 12 Dec 2008 18:02

This is really cool. Give me a day or so and I'll go make cookies *cough* I mean, cook up a story.

# Posted: 13 Dec 2008 20:44

hm... I have an idea, just hang on a bit longer....

# Posted: 19 Dec 2008 15:59

Ok, here it goes! A poem for a holiday:

The Holidays are so much fun,
when you spend it with everyone.

Majin, Hobbie and Saavik too,
There's so much that we could do!

Talking, drinking and fighting with each other,
We're glad to spend this time together.

Polson, JAWA and CheebaSan know,
That everyone in OTF if praying for snow.

England, New Zealand, the Neatherlands and America too,

# Posted: 20 Dec 2008 05:23

Good poem, Trekky!!! Thanks for sharing it!

# Posted: 20 Dec 2008 20:26

It was just a little something I put together before I went to bed the other night. Though I am proud at how it truned out! Happy Holidays everyone!

# Posted: 23 Dec 2008 07:31 · Edited by: polson

Okay, I wrote this in chat last year while bored around Christmas. Wolf Brother was the only witness at the time and I have a chatsave of it but here's the edited better version for easy reading:

T'was the night before Christmas and all through the 'post, not a creature was stirring, not a holographic ghost.

The stockings were hung by the chattop with care, in hopes that Vic and Guinan would soon be there.

The chatters were at home, snuggled by the glow of their screens, alseep, heads filled with hacker type dreams.

I was there all alone by the receive button, thinkin' about pretty much next to nothing.

When out on the homepage there arose such a clatter, so I sprang up from the login page to see what was the matter!

Away to the next internet window my fingers did fly, I opened it up with an excited cry.

And in the glow of my monitor I saw something new, something wonderful, something moving, dressed all in blue!

Before my wondering eyes did appear Guinan's hat! Followed by the rest of her at that!

And I saw that she came in style, Vic was her driver and her limo stretched back a mile!

After hearing Vic sing we had no idea his use, we usually just aimmed at him a bunch of abuse!

And Guinan shouted, "Vic, you lazy bum! Now look what you've done! That lawn jocky had a hundred more years to go, but now he's just trash, a pile of bent sticks in the snow!"

Apologizing profously, Vic gathered up the dead, and stuffed it into the trunk instead. Then to her door he dashed real fast, opened it up and out stepped Guinan at last!

She shook off her strange robes and tilted her hat, then she aimed a well placed kick at my cat!!

Then she gave a quick wink and made a slight wave, she jumped from her window right onto my OTF page!

Her clothes were so weird, sparkling and blue, but it's Guinan, what can you do?

Behind her came Vic, carying a red sack, computers, presents and toys slung over his back.

Her eyes how they flashed! His lip how it quivered! Had something gone wrong? Had Vic's devotion perhaps waivered?

But then Guinan smiled and my toes felt quite warm. She hated Vic too! He was an object of great scorn!

"Forgive my companion, he isn't so smart, he used bad directions and we got lost at K-Mart."

Her laugh was loud, her eyes twinkled too. To Vic she said, "a pudin head, r ju!"

Vic was thin and gray haired, none of her wrath had he ever been spared.

He shook at her gaze, he shivered with cold, he only needed that once to be told.

She zipped up her lips and nodded at me, helping Vic throw about decorations and set up a tree!

When she was finished she grabbed Vic by the scruff of his neck, then for my Christmas present she threw him off the back deck!

Laughing she sprang to her sweet ride, drove right past Vic with the flattened gnome by her side.

But I heard from the snow bank Vic's voice ever so slight, "Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!!"

# Posted: 23 Dec 2008 22:27

hi people

# Posted: 23 Dec 2008 22:29

trekky evil

# Posted: 24 Dec 2008 23:12

Merry Christmas everyone! *waves from Canada*

# Posted: 27 Dec 2008 00:53

Andrewgirl- I am not evil! Amd did you read my poem?

# Posted: 8 Jan 2009 03:22

OMG TREKKY YOU MENTIONED ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO HONORED!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!

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