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# Posted: 3 Mar 2010 20:01

http://popwatch.ew.com/2010/03/03/recast-gilligans -island/

Warner Bros. is making a Gilligan's Island film, based on the beloved 1960s sitcom that enjoyed a multi-generational run in syndication. Variety reports that Brad Copeland (Wild Hogs) is writing the script and that the producers hope to shoot next year.

With it's seven simplistic, yet iconic, characters, has there even been a show that will be more fun to cast? Sherwood Schwartz, the show's original producer, is on the record that he'd like to see Michael Cera play Gilligan. Fine. Perfect. Cera can play Gilligan. But Abe Vigoda can play Gilligan for all I care. As long as Christina Hendricks (Mad Men) plays Ginger. This is non-negotiable. If Warner Bros. can't land Hendricks, don't even bother with this movie.

Who else would you like to see in the film? Philip Seymour Hoffman as the Skipper? (Revisit Along Came Polly if you think the Oscar-winner can't do comedy.) Stephen Colbert or Paul Rudd as the Professor? What about Mary Ann and the Howells? Have at it, castaways.

It just won't be the same without Bob Denver and the rest... As a member of the Gilligan's Island fan club (what? There's one) Im not sure if Im gonna like a modern day take on one of my fave shows...but it'll be interesting who they cast....Just as long as Miley Cyrus isn't cast as Mary Ann.... Would be funny tho if the movie ended up being 3 hours long.

# Posted: 5 Mar 2010 02:12

Anne Hathaway as Mary Ann...Leslie Nielson as Mr. Howell with Betty White as Lovey...

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