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# Posted: 17 Aug 2013 04:27 · Edited by: cameronjb756

Welcome to Outpost 10F also known as OTF.

The main site is here:

From there you can access the Chatrooms, Forums and other site resources.


You can gain the rank of CL2 by registering here:


CL3 and CL4 can be obtained by chatting, but CL5+ Requires Work in Teams or Departments.

Teams are:

Marketing - OTF Recruiting
Communications - Blue Report, Yearbook and Unions.
Engineering - Site Development
ISA *INVITE ONLY* - Site Monitoring
Trivia - Trivia Events
Simming - Live Roleplaying

You can apply to join any of these except ISA at CL3+, If interested contact the designated Team Leader, you can find out
their names by asking in chat.

OTF Description:

Outpost 10F is an online Sci Fi Community based around a wide variety of Genres, Sci Fi being the main one. The main Function, is The Chatroom. All Sci Fi chats link into one room.

The Shows currently include Game of thrones, Star Trek, Star Wars, Lord of the rings and a firefly chat is being developed. OTF also has Live Trivia's and other events!

There are many Teams and Departments who try to improve the site. The site is currently operated by the Executive Council.

OTF is monitored by the its ISA (Intelligence and Security Force) their job is too stop people breaking the Rules of the site (The Prime Directives) and by maintaining a safe Family Friendly atmosphere so that everyone can talk about the Shows they love.

OTF Resources

If you would like to know about the History of OTF, Please look here:

To view the rules of the Chat, Please view here:

To register at OTF, Please look here:

To Enter the main site, Select here:

If you are having a Problem with another member or feel you are being treated unfairly, Feel free to contact the ISA Director or the Executive Council.

Hope this was Helpful, If you have any further Questions feel free to get into contact with myself or ask someone in chat,

Marketing Team Leader

# Posted: 17 Aug 2013 08:05

*coughs* TRIVIA *coughs*

# Posted: 22 Aug 2013 06:21



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