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# Posted: 7 Apr 2015 14:23

You may have heard, I have made the slide from Unions Team Leader to Archives Team Leader.

CL7 Soka along with myself are currently renovating the website, adding new catalogs and updating lots of stuff to bring the team and the project back to life.

If you wish to add something drop an email to: archvies@outpost10f.com

This can include snippets from the chat on major events, something funny, or maybe even someone came in with a funny login.

If you wish that a new catalog be added, feel free to drop a line to the email listed above or even mention in here.

Please note anything donated to the Archives site will need to be approved to ensure nothing breaks PDs and/or may be considered offensive to others.

Also the team itself is hiring, if your curious about joining up go to the Communications Homepage, click apply, and on the part where it says "In the Communications department, is there a preferred Team or Project you'd like to join? (Optional)", just type in the name Archives.

As always, any questions you may hit me up directly at

Enjoy your day!

# Posted: 17 Apr 2015 22:40

correction to the above stated

If you wish to add something, drop an email to :archives@outpost10f.com

Corrected the email address, I do apologize.

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