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As I have mentioned in the Recruiting Announcement, I have started decrypting files and will release my findings here.

As a reminder, speed is of the essence, but accuracy is more important. We cannot afford to get their identities wrong if we want to have a chance at stopping their evil plans.

Additionally, I remind you that I cannot tell you if you have correctly identified the agents you come across right away, I first need to decrypt additional data and cross reference it with the guesses you submit.

Seeking Spectre Alpha

File 1:
When first you heard of us, you may have been confused.
Now that you seek us, you may be enthused.
Hidden in the darkness in our earliest words
You'll find an example of us spectral nerds.

Seeking Spectre Echo

File 1:
I rise from the ashes, reborn, and fly for the House of the Lion.
I illuminate the void with a flood of new light.
I am the brightest of the Charioteers.
I and my likeness will remain forever among the stars.
We four now rest in a long undisturbed grave,
Yet we hide the one you hope to find.

File 2:
Before we were made one, we were separated by our allegiances. The firebird sought the knowledge of the Federation. The arm holding the goat that suckled Zeus sought the end to the Dark Side. The twins sought to destroy the One Ring. The newborn star forged alliances to open minds. Where questions you answer, both in truth and in jest, search the past to find where we once thrived.

File 3:
We have the lock. Do you have the key?
Long ago, we existed in disunity.
The Phoenix, ablaze, would Trek through the stars.
Capella would focus on Sith/Jedi wars.
Great Gemini quizzed you on fantasy lore,
While Nova would team up to even the score.
Though now we have merged, our home still remains
To tickle the fancies and challenge the brains.

Seeking Spectre November

File 1:
Caput Draconis.
Pig Snout.
Fortuna Major.
Fairy Lights.
Mimbulus Mimbletonia.
As a Gryffindor, these words and phrases share a common significance.
Here at the Outpost, where might one go to seek information on words such as this?

File 2:
Without me, you are the lowest of the low.
With me, you can rise to new heights.
If you share me, you will find yourself left out in the cold.
If you forget me, you cannot find me without help.
Deep in uncharted waters lives the creature who knows the answers.
Find him and ask him about me.
There you will find your buried treasure.

File 3:
With a name as long as the home of the Slitheen, I roam the waters of the Pacific in search of swimmers in need. When they find me, they ask me their questions, and I provide guidance. Some swimmers forget that most crucial thing that allows them to truly be themselves; without it, their identities are lost. I currently shelter a wandering ghost. Save me from him.

Seeking Spectre Omega

File 1:
In the days when the Balrog feasted heartily,
When a short absence left you alone and friendless,
Champions arose who fought the odds
And remained steadfastly in the presence of their peers.
While such heroes are no longer recognized,
Proof of their deeds can still be found
In the place where other honors lie.
Cheers to you, the Geekiest of all.

Seeking Spectre One

File 1:
Jaime Lannister's gold, minus the first of its name.
Father to Ramsay, falling silent in the end.
The Hound's revenge weapon of choice led by the initial of his undead brother.
The last of the name of Highgarden's house, where the beginning of water replaces the end of summer.

These combined reveal my name. Seek my biography to find the location of one you seek.

File 2:
You have several senses, fingers, and toes.
Mammals have typically this many of those.
The V for the Romans, and ASCII Enquiry,
The starfish's arms to be logged in his diary.
When digits were single for comers of new,
I joined the Outpost and found much to do.

File 3:
I was once your fearless leader.
Now I'm just a fearless breeder.
The Outpost owes so much to me,
That without me it would not be.
I kidnapped a Spectre, I don't mean to brag,
Kept in the bottom of my pink handbag.

Seeking Spectre Whiskey

File 1:
The passage of time commemorated.
Individuals appreciated.
Memories celebrated.
Profiles communicated.
One member enumerated.
His story illustrated.
Three years backdated.
A Spectre confiscated.

File 2:
The annual recap, the window that shows
The ins and the outs, the highs and the lows.
Where they ask a question, and you give an answer,
This particular member was a big second-chancer.
So count all your blessings, and hope that you find
Your lingering ghost in these pages enshrined.
He knows all your secrets, and he knew where to hide
In the year of this year plus two, minus five.

File 3:
One two three, four five six
High in the Outpost's politics
In the yearly creation to recognize who
Had given the chatters some new things to do,
When asked which face he would commonly try,
He solidly stuck with Futurama's Fry.
Thanks to our rules, you'll find nothing obscene
In this publication from twenty fourteen.
The Spectre you seek stays stationed there still,
So best go and find him or nobody will.

Seeking Spectre X-Ray

File 1:
Indiana Jones, in his debut, sought this relic.
The honeybees built their homes behind it.
The ghost hides in the place of highest honor
Where these together are found.

File 2:
We remember those who have given us great things.
We commemorate them with stars, trophies, medals, and pictures permanently hung on the walls.
Though incomplete in its formation, our place of memories still stands.
Left alone for so long, spies and spirits have found a new home there.

File 3:
Where all of the Outpost’s retired command
Is fondly remembered with fond words galore,
You’ll also find members who lent them a hand
And earned their own place in the stories of yore.
We’re trying to bring it back into the light.
The Comm signal reaches this room loud and clear.
But this Hall is haunted by Spectres in flight.
The good, bad, and ugly �" they all linger here.

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