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# Posted: 26 Aug 2008 02:13

Hey! Just a word out there...you don't have to be a Team Leader to express your opinions in an email to myself or Hobbie. If you have ideas or thoughts or complaints or feedback, PLEASE send them. We're not going to blacklist anyone or discount someone's vision for OTF. We want to hear them (well I do, I didn't consult Hobbie on this but I'd be shocked if he was all "Polson! You jerk!"). If you're frustrated with something (or someone, we're not dumb you know) we want to be approachable. And I'm not going to punish you for calling me an ass if that's all you want to do *l*.

Also, if you have ideas for awards or promotions for a specific person but do not have access to recommend someone or discuss it on the TL list, don't let that stop you from emailing your TL or the admirals concerning it. We won't know what you see, hear and think if no one tells us.

# Posted: 26 Aug 2008 02:21

Polson, I have some really good ideas, can I post them on here instead or do you want me to email them to you?

# Posted: 26 Aug 2008 02:24

Tommy, I'd prefer email simply for the reason that a lot of things for V3 have been talked about in circles on the forums and some peole get tired of it, and often it turns personal and naturally there's the off topic risk. In email all that excess gets weeded out and then it's easier to look at someone else's perspective without taking things personally. That's what I prefer anyway.

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