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# Posted: 26 Feb 2008 14:47 · Edited by: kaela_donos

This is more of a response of what is happing before the "New changes"

I am a team leader (doesn't matter what team for this argument) and I was told my team was most likely going to be deleted but I should submit an argument saying why it shouldn't be. It was nice that my former SM took the time to email this first email to me, (and she has been keeping in contact with me) I just wish I had gotten a follow up from people who are desiding thing.

I submitted an argument for most of my parts of my team, my asst. submitted an argument for his team. I have gotten no response. It has not been a while. And if your actively involved in this process, I would expect you to be checking your email at lest once a week??? (right?) (When I am a team leader, if I can’t do anything else that day, I will cheek my email)

I didn’t get a positive response or I didn’t get a negative response. That is okay, it should take time to figure things out. What bugs me is that I didn’t get a “We got this email response.” Or a “We have more questions.” Or a “Thank you for your impute.” I have to say if the outpost is trying to make new friends and keep people ignoring there emails isn’t the way to do it.

I stuck around in the first place because when I had a problem as a cl2 I emailed some one and I got a personal email back. I stuck around because I felt this place was a friendly place for the most part. Sure people got passionate about things, and sometimes a little upset but they did that because they liked it here! Because they wanted to be part of it.

thank you for reading this. I know I can be harsh but I just want o be honest and truthful!


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