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# Posted: 7 May 2009 10:41

Star Trek XI

This review contains one very mild spoiler.

This was it. The movie that fandom had been waiting for. I've been a fan of Star Trek for about twenty years now. I have seen the highs, I have seen the lows. Like many fans, Enterprise and Star Trek (X) Nemesis sharply divided fandom. Some liked it, others didn't like it (to put it politely). Me, by the time this was all happening, I was enjoying other shows like the various Stargate and Doctor Who and the new Battlestar Galactica (BSG).

And just like the new BSG, Star Trek XI was meant to reboot the franchise into something new. It set the bar in terms of story quality, cinematics (how good it looks on screen) and just "wow" factor. New BSG has some absolutely spectacular space battle scenes that were jaw dropping.

Star Trek XI took that bar, broke it in half and beat it to a bloody pulp.

Star Trek XI is the single finest movie I have seen, bar none!

When the movie started, I smiled at the familiar blips and whistles that were seen in the Original Star Trek. The next five minutes were the single finest cinematics ever. Period.

If the end credits had rolled right after that first battle scene, I would've said it alone was worth the price of admission.

It was absolutely so jaw droppingly good it made those ground breaking BSG battle scenes look like sock puppets. I kid you not. A bit of it can be seen in the trailers for STXI, but on the big screen, it just absolutely astounds me.

In addition to which, I cried. I admit, I get emotional, swept up in the mood of the movie. I cheered like everyone else in the cinema during Independence Day, as an example. But George Kirk during that first battle scene, he was absolutely noble in his self sacrifice. Take note, everyone. That man is what a Starfleet Captain should aspire to be like. I had to dry my eyes, because it was the single most impressive and moving piece of cinema I have ever seen.

Like I said, it alone was worth the price of admission. And now for something I snapped up, from my grainy mobile phone camera, something I shall cherish:

For with that one single photo, one thing was made very clear in my mind: STXI brings Star Trek as a franchise into the twenty first century. Star Trek is alive and well.

You can also tell how well a movie is from my parents. Both of them typically fall asleep during movies, yet STXI was a non stop cinematic masterpiece, with superb special effects and great characters. My parents jogged my elbow to whisper a question so many times my elbow is sore. Afterwards, we were even discussing bits of the movie. This, I have to say, was the first time it's ever happened. And my dad gave this movie his seal of approval!

Yeah, the storyline is somewhat tacky in places and the redesigned Enterprise looks kind of weird and it looks like the sets are from a factory of some sort. But you know what? Doesn't matter. You can nitpick it, but it doesn't stop the fact that this is a superb movie.

The characters are absolutely superb. Kirk and McCoy are done superbly. Uhura is also given much more depth and background than was ever made and Chekov and Sulu had their moment to shine. But the guy who plays Spock deserves an award. He plays the role so absolutely well, but as my mum puts it, he's very Vulcan, but his eyes also have the fire and passion. My only mild negative was with Scotty, who was generally reduced to Simon Pegg being comedy relief and his giggle.

It doesn't matter. None of this matters. If you take the time to nitpick, you will miss out on one of the finest movies ever filmed. Period.

I usually give a score out of ten. Ten being perfect. I give Star Trek XI a thirty out of ten. That's how much I liked it.

Ladies and gentlemen, fans everywhere, your prayers are answered. Your loyalty, your faith, is rewarded in this one movie.

Star Trek lives!

# Posted: 9 Jan 2010 13:25

I have to admit....although the Original Universe Trek helped me through adolescence, because it helped me escape the pressures of the transition from childhood to adulthood, in that it was 'real' to me...the history of the Federation, the technobabble, etc. and will always have my first loyalty, I do love this movie....I watched it three times in the theatre, once with my mother (who enjoyed it greatly, though she's not a fan of my caliber), and have watched it dozens of times since I got the dvd. My only regret is that I don't see the AU Trek being able to have the longevity of TOS and subsequent series in that fictional history...with TMP, you already had a familiarity, indeed, a relationship with the characters from the three seasons that aired on TV, so we all thrilled at seeing Kirk lay eyes on the refitted Enterprise for the first time, Scotty's grin at Kirk's admiration for the old girl, Bones' griping about being 'drafted' etc...I fear that new fans of the genre, brought in by this new vision of Trek will not have the long relationship with the characters because I don't believe that those actors will embrace their roles to the extent that the original crew did...there is only so much that can be done with two or three movies...

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