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# Posted: 15 Jan 2012 06:16

I think I just found a continuity problem in Voyager, but not exactly sure. I noticed in Nelix' kitchen in the episode Learning curve (around 32:00) there are what look to be Kaylo fruit in a tray. (they may have just used the same prop though)... According to VOY: State of Flux these are very deadly... so why would they have them in the kitchen?

# Posted: 19 Feb 2012 19:36

yeah it could be a prop mishap, or some episodes couldve been shot at the same time or before some other episodes so mistakes could be made. shows are notorious mishaps. I know I caught a mishap on one show before, cant remember which but one charcter gave another one a cupcake for a birthday treat, and used a candle on top. and its funny where one angle the candle was light while at another angle the candle was out.

so yeah tiny lil mistakes like that can slip by on occasion. I like to call them lil easter egg mistakes since it can be fun to find them without even trying sometimes, like finding an egg in an easter egg hunt without even really looking for it.

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